About Stephen Shabot

Stephen Shabot born and raised in Deal, NJ in the syrian Jewish Community. He went to Hillel Yeshiva and also did a year in Shore Regional High School. Stephen Shabot’s family was the owners and operators of Record Explosion. New York City’s Top Record and Music Retailer.

After High School Stephen Shabot spent a year in Israel and visits annually. He enjoys staying at the David Citadel Hotel. Stephen Shabot also spent multiple years living and working in Florence, Italy. He had developed strong business and personal connections while in Florence.

Stephen Shabot enjoys traveling and has lived in Israel, Italy, Los Angeles, Manhattan and Miami.

After working as the Managing Director for a large pain management practice in South Jersey, Stephen Shabot ventured off and started his own medical supply company. He has since expanded into supplying medical, commercial and industrial industries.

Stephen Shabot has formed a partnership with the Cabasso Family who owns the big skincare company Mario Badescu.

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